[Israel.pm] Perl code in a Java Shop

Yona Shlomo yona at cs.technion.ac.il
Sun Jan 29 03:55:14 PST 2012


I have useful (and extremely short!) Perl code that I wrote to implement heavy production tasks over hadoop/map reduce/hive. 
I do it using Hadoop Streaming.

I have on the other hand classes over classes of boilerplate Java code to do the same.

I work at a Java shop, so Perl code isn't welcome. 
I want to show that in addition to rapid development and easy and flexble changes I can also easily add tests (unit tests and integration tests) and have them run on the continuous-integration and continuous-deployment work flow of the company (which runs over Junit/Maven/TeamCity/Glu).

Any advice on packaging the Perl code, testing it and integrating it into the Java-oriented environment would be greatly appreciated.

After passing that hurdle -- I'll need to think of a way to show that maintaining that code is no harder than maintaining the corresponding Java code. But let's get to that stage first before worrying about that now :-)



Shlomo Yona
yona at cs.technion.ac.il

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