[Israel.pm] Inviting your co-workers to the Perl Workshop

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Tue Feb 14 03:51:08 PST 2012

As we are getting close to the Perl Workshop I am going to
promote it quite a lot but I also need your help with the

You are working in a company where you know there
are others who use Perl and would benefit from the
workshop or who should use Perl (e.g. unix sys-admin)
who might just need a little direction to start using it.

Please invite them to the Perl Workshop.

In order to make that easier I wrote a letter, that you can
reuse and improve when inviting your co-workers.




I am not sure if you are aware of it but on 28th February there is
going to be a Perl Workshop in Shenkar Collage in Ramat Gan.

There are more than 20 talks in 2 tracks.

Some talks fit people who are beginners in Perl, other talks fit
people who have been using Perl for a while even though they are not
"Perl programmers" and there are also going to be talks that are
for people who make a living as Perl programmers.

There are going to be talks that are interesting to sys-admins,
build engineers, DBAs or web-developers, even if they don't use Perl.

You can check the schedule here: http://act.perl.org.il/ilpw2012/schedule

Not only is there going to be good content but there are going to be lots
of people with similar interest to you.

In addition the event is FREE and you might even get a good sandwich
for lunch.

As I wrote it is on 28th February, less than 2 weeks from now.

While it is FREE, the organizers require registration, so they know
how much food to order. you can register here:


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