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draxter at post.com draxter at post.com
Wed Feb 1 06:15:18 PST 2012


 A large telecommunications firm, looking for a Perl programmer for a team
 that mainly deals with monitoring and network device management.

 Candidates should be:

 * Fluent in Unix operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, etc.
 * Have good hands-on experience working with databases using DBI and
 ORMs such as DBIx::Simple, DBIx::Class and others.
 * Have good knowledge developing web applications using new technologies
 such as PSGI/Plack and frameworks such as Catalyst, Dancer, etc.
 * Have experience writing object oriented software (for example with
 modules such as Moose) and understand OO concepts.
 * Familiarity with SNMP, SOAP and telecommunication at general.

 Mail resume to draxter at post.com
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