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*We need talks for ILPW2013!*

we've taken the liberty to write down some ideas for talks. If you want to
give a talk, but don't think you have a good subject, check out this list.
If you still can't find a topic, let us know!

אהלן כולם!

*אנחנו צריכים הרצאות עבור סדנת פרל 2013!

*החלטנו להכין עבורכם/ן כמה רעיונות עבור הרצאות. אם את/ה רוצה לעשות הרצאה,
אבל אין לך רעיון לנושא טוב, נסה/י את הרשימה הבאה.
אם את/ה עדיין לא מוצא/ת נושא, אנא תודיע/י לנו!

GUI (Qt, Gtk, Tk):
- Qt / QML / Qt and HTML5 / Qxtlib and other libraries
- Gtk2 / Gtk3 / Glade
- WxWidgets
- Tk / Modern Tk
- Padre, the Perl IDE

Open Source and Free Software (FOSS):
- Comparing free software licenses
- Why contribute to a FOSS project
- Difference between Open Source and Free Software
- Business models for FOSS projects

Perl 5:
- What's new in Perl 5.16 / Perl 5.18
- How to contribute to Perl core
- Perl on Android
- Review of a few recommended modules
- Tools of the trade (cpanminus, local::lib, pmuninstall, etc.)
- Moose
- FatPacker
- Packaging for CPAN
- Managing CPAN distributions (cpanminus / local::lib / Pinto)
- Perl Tricks
- Perl vs. X (X = PHP, Python, Ruby, Lisp!)
- Learning from Haskell/PHP/Ruby/Python/Perl6
- Object Oriented: Moose, Mouse, Moo, Mo, M, Mite, Class::XSAccessors et al.
- Object Oriented: Roles vs. Hierarchies
- Using Perl for System Administration

Perl 6:
- Rakudo
- Tips, tricks
- Rosetta Code

- Game creation

Web programming:
- Writing your first web application
- PSGI / Plack / Plack middlewares
- Mojolicious / Dancer / Catalyst / OX
- Websockets
- HTML 5
- Javascript
- How others do it (Django, Rails, etc.)
- Scraping websites for fun and profit!
- Mobile web

- Working with MS Office / OpenOffice / LibreOffice files: Excel, etc.

- Cloud computing
- Websockets
- Asynchronous programming (AnyEvent / POE / Reflex / IO::Async / Coro)
- Understanding event loops / forks / threads / coroutines
- Open Street Map: http://www.openstreetmap.org/
- Duck Duck Go: http://duckduckgo.com/

- RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird
- NoSQL (Document-based/Key-Value/etc.): MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, KiokuDB
- ORMs: DBIx::Class, etc.

- Test Driven Development (TDD) approach
- Testing for beginners
- Advanced testing tricks
- Presenting a test module (Test::Able, Test::Fatal, Test::Class)

- Encoding, Decoding, Charset madness
- A project you did at work using Perl
- Interesting software/system architecture you have at work (whether Perl
or not)
- Distribution package management: How to create a CPAN module package for
a distribution
- Showcasing a module you wrote
- Showcasing a module you hate

* Any talk that was previously given at TelAviv.pm, Haifa.pm, Jerusalem.pm,
Rehobot.pm can be submitted!
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