[Israel.pm] Testing-focused meeting at next TA.pm?

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 01:25:38 PST 2012


We were discussing doing a testing meeting, which might benefit anyone who
wants to understand testing, get started with it, or improve themselves. I
was thinking of gathering some input and doing this on this month's meeting.

Some thoughts I had:
* Having a talk on what testing is, why it is useful and examples on some
basic testing.
* Providing a sample application to write tests for, to practice.
* Providing some tests to try and write a sample application to match.
* Having a talk on some more advanced testing techniques: object mocking,
overriding methods/functions.
* Having a talk on testing coverage and trying to write tests to reach best

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
I'd be happy to also get input and feedback on the idea. Would you
participate? What would you like to see? Could you help?
I'd be expecting to hear from anyone who has sent a question to the list
that could have been solved with a test!

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