[Israel.pm] Perl news poll - your quick help is needed!

Meir Guttman meir at guttman.co.il
Sun Sep 25 03:19:27 PDT 2011

Dear Gabor,
You might be surprised, but I am mostly interested in how do I use
_existing_ features of Perl, rather than trying the best and latest. I am
also not in favor of adding more and more shortcuts to existing features.
The most typical example is the "//=" construct. Maybe it is faster, maybe
it is shorter, but it makes Perl increasingly less self documentary and
harder on newbies to read existing code. We newbies are required to know too
much in order to understand existing code. Try please to search for an
answer to the question of "...what the hell is this '//=' combination?" I
strongly sympathized with someone arguing not long ago on this list against
adding more features to Perl. (Sorry, I can't remember his name!)
So to answer your question, the way I learn anything (not just Perl, new
features or otherwise ...) is to solve a problem at hand. And if I learn a
"new" feature on the way, so be it. (That's how I came across this useless
feature. What's wrong with "if (! defined...) {...}"? And usually you need
to do more things in such a case, and assigning a default value might not be
even one of them...!)
That's my 2¢ worth of strongly felt opinion...

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On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 12:37 PM, Meir Guttman <meir at guttman.co.il> wrote:
> Shanna-Tova to all!
> I would only add "None of the above" to 'Where do you get your Perl
> news from?'

Interesting point.
Do you mean you have other sources to get Perl related news or that
you just don't think there is anything interesting to read?
Or something else?

in any case thanks for your feedback.
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