[Israel.pm] Reflections on Version Control Systems (VCSes) vs. Databases

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Thu Sep 8 02:47:00 PDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Shmuel Fomberg <owner at semuel.co.il> wrote:

> Hi.
> >
> > Indeed, I would reconsider using any version control system that uses
> > MySQL, PostgreSQL or (flying spaghetti monster-god help us all)
> > Oracle. The reason is simply that such a system should be lightweight,
> > both on runtime and on install/configure-time. Such a system might be
> > fast (which is debatable) but to install it on machines would be extra
> > work I won't be looking forward to. :)
> >
> That is because you think now in git terms.
> Perforce isn't meant to be installed on develop machine, but on central
> system.
> the user just get a very thin client that talks with the server.

True. Both in the case of "this wouldn't be such a problem when talking
about centralized system" and in the case of "you're used to decentralized".

I should have quantified my response as in "I wouldn't use such a system if
it was meant to be distributed".

Shlomi, please be revised. :)
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