[Israel.pm] Reflections on Version Control Systems (VCSes) vs. Databases

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 23:57:51 PDT 2011

Just a small note on Sawyer, if that is alright. :)

I was referring to database servers, and explicitly mentioned MySQL,
PostgreSQL and #nosql MongoDB. I wasn't referring to SQLite or other
self-contained non-server databases or database schemes.

Indeed, I would reconsider using any version control system that uses MySQL,
PostgreSQL or (flying spaghetti monster-god help us all) Oracle. The reason
is simply that such a system should be lightweight, both on runtime and on
install/configure-time. Such a system might be fast (which is debatable) but
to install it on machines would be extra work I won't be looking forward to.

Either way, thanks for the lesson Shlomi, and I definitely agree with what
you say.

Have a kickass day,
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