[Israel.pm] couchsurfing around the Perl Workshop

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 22:17:44 PST 2011

According to the stats page of the Perl Workshop
there are now 33 registered people.
4 of them coming from abroad.

I hope all of those and some more will be able to
attend the workshop.

In order to help them reduce the cost, it would be nice
to offer them a place to crash on the days (or nights)
around the workshop.

Think about it. You could have a real,
foreign Perl hacker in your place!

If you have space, let me know, or even
offer it directly to one of the guests.

More talks and more people!
As a side note :) I got to the point when I am starting to worry
about the workshop. I was hoping that by this time we'll
have more people registered to the workshop and more
talks submitted. I know the dead-line is not tomorrow but please
consider my nerves and submit a talk today.


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