[Israel.pm] Timewarp in proposal deadline

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 00:56:13 PST 2011

Time unwarped. Thanks for mentioning.

We will be happy to see you attend the event.

If you need help let us know and we will appoint a
"foreign affair coordinator" to help with directions
for flight/hotel etc.


On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
<racke at linuxia.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I guess the deadline is in 2011 :-)
> --snip--
> You must submit talks online via this site.
> Please note that proposals must be submitted by midnight (ILT) on 20th December, 2012.
> After midnight (ILT) on 20th December, 2012 we will check the talks.
> If we have enough good talks we won't wait for the later submissions.
> --snap--
> Regards
>            Racke

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