[Israel.pm] Promoting Perl tutorials

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 02:19:38 PST 2011


people who are following the blog posts of the Perl community
or who are reading the Perl Weekly might know the recent
uproar regarding the level of Perl tutorials Google and other search
engines bring as the top results.

As a response a new web site was set up to recommend
the good tutorials. Besides the manual reviewing of the tutorials
it also provide a rudimentary measurement of popularity showing
the number of G+1s and the number of Tweet.

Here is the snapshot of http://perl-tutorial.org/

Site                                                      G+  Twitter
Gabor Szabo's Modern Perl Tutorial	   29,   12
Learn Perl Website                               19,    74
Modern Perl: The Book 2011-2012         15,    27
perlootut	                                              1,     0
Learn Perl in about 2 hours 30 minutes    6,  264
perlintro                                                 8,   33
Modern Perl: The Book                          18, 30
Hebrew Perl Tutorial                                2,  0
Higher-Order Perl                                   12, 35

What I'd like to ask you is to go to this web site,
select the tutorials you like and click on the Google +1.
If you also have Twitter then, please also tweet about
the tutorial.

Especially I'd like to see the "Hebrew Perl Tutorial" of Shmuel
get some more love and of course I would not complain to
get further clicks for my own tutorial :)


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