[Israel.pm] Sponsoring the Israeli Perl Workshop

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 00:27:20 PST 2011


thanks to Sawyer the Perl Workshop already has a date and and a place
on 28 February 2012 in the Shenkar College.

The web site for the registrations and talk submission
will be ready soon but I'd like to already start looking for sponsors.

We decided that this time we'll try to go to the same route the
London Perl Workshop went and offer the workshop *free of charge*.

That means if we would like to offer refreshment or lunch or
invite overseas guests we'll have to cover all this by sponsors.

So that's where I need your help.
Please ask your managers if they are interested to sponsor the
Israeli Perl Workshop and contact me directly.


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