[Israel.pm] the sites of perl in isarel

moshe nahmias moshegrey at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 7 11:53:34 PST 2011

today i wanted to talk with the lecturer of programing in perl at the
university so i checked the sites perl.org.il and telaviv.pm.org to make
sure i give the right address... i found out that both sites aren't updated
on the monthly lectures.

please update the sites, and if you want/need help i want to help and
willing to do it myself but i don't have the permissions (i can learn
what's needed if i don't know it already).

BTW, what should i say to the lecturer about our group? how should i
promote our group?
the course in the university is about perl in general but the students are
mostly of biology so the course is more biology oriented.

your opinions and thoughts are welcome :)
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