[Israel.pm] Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting on 30-March-2011 (Tomorrow!)

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Tue Mar 29 02:22:55 PDT 2011

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The Tel Aviv Perl Mongers ( http://telaviv.pm.org/ ) will meet at:

Date: 30 March, 2011 (Wednesday, /Tomorrow!/)
Address: Shenkar College, Anna Franck 12, Ramat Gan. Room 323.
Hour: 19:00

Scheduled talks:

* << Typography WTF? or "Correct understanding and usage" >> -- Miss Ferret
It's time to bring some color into your life. We'll explain what typography
is and why the font we choose matters.

* << Graphical game development in Perl using Coro>> -- Ran Eilam
You like games? Want to write one? Ran will show us his pet project, a game
written in Perl using SDL and co-routines (via the Coro module).

We will also have a round of lightning talks featuring:

* << Ruby for Perl programmers >> -- Ido Kanner

* << Analytical Perl, "use" vs. "require" >> -- Sawyer X


We hope to see you there. You can find maps/etc. on the Shenkar site:



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