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Taking this 17 steps back, although there is extensive documentation I have yet to fully grasp the difference between use and require. I know it well enough to explain to people who know less about perl than I do - but I don't truly understand.

Would someone, without quoting perldoc or sending me to RTFM, please explain the mechanics of the difference; all ramifications included. 

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On 2011/03/13 19:45, sawyer x wrote:
>     Whenever I see 'require' used instead of 'use', I expect problems
>     in the
>     module-dependency tree.
> I think there are benefits to both. It depends, as always, on your needs.
> If you have a healthy build process, you can use "require" instead of 
> "use" when you want to allow some features to be lazy, and that's very 
> useful. You can also allow loading two different versions of the same 
> mechanism, depending on some logic. If you have this, load that one, 
> if not, load this one. Imagine Mouse only uses Moose if it's already 
> loaded, saving you a ton on compile-time.
While you are right, I think that these 'require' statements should be 
in very specific places. plugins finding and loading code, dynamic 
feature loading, and so on.
but not littered through the code.
Especially the main perl file, should 'use' all the modules that are 
known to be needed for running it. no point leaving it to later point of 

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