[Israel.pm] Funny IRC Conversation - Perl Ninjas, Pirates and Zombies

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Mon Mar 14 13:19:58 PDT 2011

This conversation happened on Freenode's #perl the other day (I am "rindolf"). 


	Shlomi Fish

       <alyx>  /w/w 55
       <alyx>  ..fail
            *  apeiron gives alyx an award for failing that so much
       <alyx>  \o/
            *  alyx hangs it up in the almighty fail closet
    <rindolf>  alyx: :-)
       <alyx>  rindolf: :D
    <Su-Shee>  55 chat windows are too much. ;)
      <Botje>  amen!
      <Botje>  I keep my irssi trimmed to < 30
    <Su-Shee>  I have 3. ;)
       <alyx>  Botje: o_o
       <alyx>  I have 56 windows atm, before I cleaned up a bit, I was at
               ~150. ._.
   <woldrich>  One friend in each window, and you have 56 times more
               friends than me.
    <Su-Shee>  bah. I like to have real conversations and to really follow
               a handful of channels and that's it..
    <rindolf>  alyx: wow.
 <perlsyntax>  Is there away i can look up my modules with cpan that i
               have installed?
 <perlsyntax>  if i am right.
    <Su-Shee>  wow. facebook has a chat too.
     <DrForr>  perldoc -q installed
    <rindolf>  Su-Shee: you can use a Jabber client for that.
    <rindolf>  DrForr++
            *  pragma_ gets annoyed when he exceeds 19 windows.
    <rindolf>  We should create a #perl <-> StackOverflowish interface.
    <Su-Shee>  after gotten angry, I don't use my jabber stuff anymore as
               well ;)
    <apeiron>  rindolf, Feel free to make a shitoverflow interface. Just
               don't put it here.
    <rindolf>  apeiron: :-)
    <apeiron>  no, not :-)
    <apeiron>  more like /ban *!*@*
    <Su-Shee>  who needs all those chats...
    <apeiron>  People with very empty lives.
    <Su-Shee>  well it fills empty windows.. ;)
    <Su-Shee>  or, there's recently chat rockstars and chat ninjas.. ;)
      <Botje>  but you don't /see/ chat ninjas!
    <Su-Shee>  that's why I have so few channels.. no ninja chatting with
     <DrForr>  Not that you *know* of.
      <Botje>  http://www.nichtlustig.de/toondb/100701.html # relevant
    <candide>  Title of Botje's link: NICHTLUSTIG
    <Su-Shee>  damn. what if a ninja is asking me out and I don't get it
               because it's an invisible conversation?
    <Su-Shee>  Botje: harhar ;)
      <Botje>  Su-Shee: if dinner suddenly appears you just married a
    <Su-Shee>  in a secret, hidden ceremony?
    <Su-Shee>  Botje: was I there? how was I? ;)
    <pragma_>  Su-Shee: your inner ninja will detect it and go on the
               date, if you have one.
    <Su-Shee>  pragma_: ah. interesting. so I'll find myself suddenly in
               some ninja-restaurant and don't remember how I got there?
     <Caelum>  DrForr: mintty seems nice
     <Caelum>  DrForr: there's also puttycyg
     <DrForr>  It is, but 3 days ina row I've hit that same key combo, and
               I can't reset it in the dialog box.
    <pragma_>  Su-Shee: no, your ninja will be there while your you
               remains oblivious
    <rindolf>  Ninjas. :-)
    <pragma_>  This is why ninjas engage in rigorous 24/7 training of
               their ninjistu; so that they may be more in touch with
               their inner ninjas and be more aware of what it is doing.
    <Su-Shee>  pragma_: so I stay an idiot no matter what. ;)
    <pragma_>  your idiot remains an idiot forever, but you can train your
               non-idiot to overpower your idiot.
     <DrForr>  But... shouldn't your inner ninja be hidden?
     <Caelum>  DrForr: KiTTy also has the PuttyCyg patch, and only needs
               the cthelper.exe from PuttyCyg
    <pragma_>  When you have attained true enlightenment of the ninja,
               then you too will become like the hidden tiger and will
               enjoy the pleasures of the crouching dragon.
     <DrForr>  www.askainnerninja.com
    <Su-Shee>  I better not google pleasures of the crouching dragon..
    <Su-Shee>  DrForr: No match for "ASKAINNERNINJA.COM".
    <Su-Shee>  DrForr: go ahead ;)
        <mst>  whould be ask -an- inner ninja.
    <Su-Shee>  also no match ;)
    <Su-Shee>  *lol* askdrninja.com is taken ;)
      <Botje>  there's also drmcninja
    <Su-Shee>  well we could always chose to go down the rockstar path...
    <Su-Shee>  choose.
    <rindolf>  We should become Perl pirates. Arrrrrrrrrr!
            *  alyx hands rindolf an eyepatch
    <rindolf>  Unleash your inner bucaneer.
    <rindolf>  "I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Mighty Pirate."
    <apeiron>  Yeah, I've been doing that for ages.
    <Su-Shee>  .oO(johnny depp.. hm.. ;)
    <rindolf>  And Keira Knightly.
   <woldrich>  What does '.oO' mean?
    <rindolf>  woldrich: saying something.
    <rindolf>  Like a talk balloon.
    <rindolf>  Maybe a thought balloon?
    <pragma_>  . o ( This is a thought balloon. )
   <woldrich>  oh. I'm too old for this shit
    <rindolf>  woldrich: it doesn't matter as long as you're young at
    <rindolf>  And there are no young Perl programmers. ;-)
            *  pragma_ prefers his heart matured and fortified.
    <rindolf>  As "Perl is dead."
            *  Caelum prefers his hearts barbecued
    <rindolf>  Well, that wasn't very funny.
    <Su-Shee>  I wouldn't really call mst "old" ;)
     <BinGOs>  zombie perl
    <rindolf>  Su-Shee: I know a Perl programmer who's now a university
            *  apeiron sends zombie kindergarteners after rindolf
    <Su-Shee>  well dr dobbs agrees.
    <rindolf>  Knew him since he was in Junior high.
    <rindolf>  apeiron: :-)
     <BinGOs>  perl eats your brains.
            *  rindolf trains the zombie kindergarteners to be mighty Perl
               zombie pirates!
    <pragma_>  I've always been annoyed by the lack of zombie children
               running around in Left4Dead, et al.
    <rindolf>  mighty*
      <Botje>  pragma_: shooting kids is bad mmkay
    <pragma_>  At least Dead Space 2 has mutant baby toddlers you can
               stomp like fattened mosquitos.
   <Khisanth>  but these would be dead kids
    <apeiron>  undead
    <apeiron>  very important distinction!
   <Khisanth>  hmm well really neither, just bags of disease
    <rindolf>  Perl vampires!
            *  pragma_ would rather be a werewolf.
    <apeiron>  Khisanth, every source I've read says zombies are undead.
               so there.
            *  rindolf shoots pragma_ with the silver bullet.
   <Khisanth>  the l4d ones aren't really zombies :)
      <Botje>  they're more like 28 days later-style zombies
    <apeiron>  eh, modern games get everything wrong.
   <woldrich>  That girl in Resident Evil is cute.
            *  Su-Shee recommends "the walking dead"
    <pragma_>  L4D, Resident Evil, Dead Space -- these are all "zombies"
               despite however they came to be such!
      <Botje>  yes, walking dead is <3
     <Caelum>  I haven't seen the new resident evil movie yet, was it
   <woldrich>  oh yes
      <Botje>  it had milla shooting stuff
      <Botje>  what more do you want?
    <pragma_>  I was thinking of the Resident Evil 5 video game actually
   <Khisanth>  Botje: multiple millas shooting stuff?
    <pragma_>  System Shock
    <apeiron>  plot. thought-provoking themes.
   <woldrich>  khisanth++
      <Botje>  pragma_++ # yes!
    <pragma_>  System Shock 2
      <Botje>  my first-born for a system shock movie
      <Botje>  (done decently, that is)
            *  f00li5h nuzzles Botje
    <Su-Shee>  Botje: since when do you have a firstborn?
      <Botje>  aagh! zomb.. oh. hi kit!
      <Botje>  Su-Shee: i will have!
   <Khisanth>  Botje: probably won't be done nicely :P

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