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On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 2:56 PM, Meir Guttman <meir at guttman.co.il> wrote:

> Hey Sawyer,

Hey Meir. :)

1) IMHO, this is an excellent topic for a beginner's talk, when to prepare
> for and/or use each.

Good idea. I think it can be covered in a lightning talk. I'm thinking of
doing a local::lib lightning talk, but maybe this month I'll do "use" vs.

If anyone wants to give this talk, I would be *very* happy!

> 2) I'll try to come to the next meeting with a SHORT (~10 min.) talk about
> dealing with Unicode (and specifically Hebrew). This is definitely a
> beginner-to-beginner talk, so all the heavy guns out there (read: Sawyer,
> Gabor, Shlomi, etc.), hone your talons and prepare to add and clarify...

(and I wouldn't consider myself a 'heavy gun')

Unicode is indeed a real PITA (and not the good kind of Pita, that you eat
with Hummus) and I'd be happy to see a talk covering it. I also think it's
good to have it as a short talk, since this can also be very difficult to
understand. I know my personal attention span for technical talks on
charsets and Unicode is rather limited.

The key term here is "try". I hope I'll have enough free time to do it. But
> not having a ten minute talk will not leave a too gaping hole in the
> schedule, right?

Trying is good! You cannot succeed without trying, trust me, I've tried!

Either way, don't worry about the schedule, let me worry about the schedule.
... or as the famous monologue in Futurama:
*That Guy*: OK, let's work on your execu-speak. I'm worried about "blank".
*Fry*: Don't you worry about "blank". Let me worry about "blank".
*That Guy*: Good. I also would have accepted, "Blank? Blank? You're not
looking at the big picture!"
-- http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Future_Stock

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