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1. Not sure that it is related inasmuch as resulting in a talk
2. It's related since this allows for automated  test coverage analysis 

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Hi Dov,

On Sunday 19 September 2010 14:38:51 Levenglick Dov-RM07994 wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently wrote a OOP module that provides the ability to define a
> of criteria that have to be covered for a test to pass.
> STP.pm - main module, congregates one or more scalar and/or arrays of
> criteria
> STP::Union.pm - a module to allow bundling a bunch of STP objects to
> define a more comprehensive test
> STP::Scalar.pm - a single criterion that can be required or not
> STP::Array.pm - an array of scalar criteria

just a question: how is this related to my E-mail soliciting a presenter
automated tests? Do you volunteer to give a talk about this module for 
TelFOSS? ;-) If so, I should note that the talk I envisioned was
probably much 
more general than that and also more "layman-friendly".


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