[Israel.pm] convert old DOS Hebrew encoding

Tzadik Vanderhoof tzadik.vanderhoof at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 05:50:54 PDT 2010

I have a binary data file, in a format used by a relatively ancient
program, which I am trying to convert into something sane. With the
help of a Hex editor I have basically worked out the file format
except that it contains Hebrew characters with an odd encoding.

All characters are 8 bits. The "standard" 27 consonants (including
"final" consonants) go from hex 80 to 9A. Then there are vowels that
seem to start around hex 9B or so (I'm guessing right after the
standard consonants end). Then there are "dotted" consonants that seem
to start at hex E0.

If I remember correctly, I think this is some sort of DOS encoding
(perhaps connected to the old "Hebrew chip"). Does anyone have a table
of this character mapping or a tool that will translate this mapping
into a more normal Hebrew encoding like Unicode?

Thanks so much!


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