[Israel.pm] convert old DOS Hebrew encoding

Tzadik Vanderhoof tzadik.vanderhoof at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 05:46:33 PDT 2010

I have a binary data file, in a format used by a relatively ancient program,
which I am trying to convert into something sane. With the help of a Hex
editor I have basically worked out the file format except that it contains
Hebrew characters with an odd encoding.

All characters are 8 bits. The "standard" 27 consonants (including "final"
consonants) go from hex 80 to 9A. Then there are *vowels* that seem to start
around hex *9B* or so (I'm guessing right after the standard consonants
end). Then there are *"dotted" consonants* that seem to start at hex *E0*.

If I remember correctly, I think this is some sort of DOS encoding (perhaps
connected to the old "Hebrew chip"). Does anyone have a table of this
character mapping or a tool that will translate this mapping into a more
normal Hebrew encoding like Unicode?

Thanks so much!

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