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בעקבות ההצלחה המתמשכת של פרוייקטי הקייץ של גוגל לסטודנטים, הם החליטו
לפתוח בנובמבר פרוייקט דומה עבור תיכוניסטים (בני 13 עד 18).‏
אז לכל החברה הצעירים, זו ההזדמנות שלכם (או של חברים/ות שלכם) לקפוץ למים.

להלן מכתב בנושא (כולל קישורים) מרשימת הדיוור של המשחק ווסנות' המשתתף בתחרות.‏
בעוד כשבועיים תתפרסם רשימה מלאה של הפרוייקטים והנושאים הזמינים.‏
חשוב להדגיש כי יש מגוון אפשרויות רחב להשתתפות ולא רק כתיבת קוד.‏

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Subject: [Wesnoth-dev] Participating to google code in
Date: Sunday, 24 בOctober 2010, 04:32:07
From: jeremy rosen <jeremy.rosen at enst-bretagne.fr>
To: "dev-talk" <wesnoth-dev at gna.org>

Hello all

google has opened the google code in which is an open source
contribution competition for kids in the 13-17 age range

Basically FOSS projects create a list of easy tasks that students can
accomplish easily. students can claim these tasks and once they've
done three of these they get paid 100$, they can get up to $500 that
way, resolving more tasks will give them extra point toward a grand
price (a travel for them and a family member to the googleplex)

Only organisations that were members of GSOC can participate and
provide the tasks for the students. These tasks are not limited to
coding, there can be playtesting, translation, documentation, quality
assurence etc...

These task should be quite simple (doable in a couple of hours) and
targeted for people external to the projects, but we can provide lots
and lots of small tasks

There is no mentoring involved except providing the task lists and
generic advices...

you can learn more at http://code.google.com/gci

so the question for all of you people is : are we interested, and do
we have some tasks to provide which would bring something to the

here at GSOC we thought of stuff including
* playtesting 1.9
* playtesting mp campaigns
* working on the wiki (reorganizing/checking)
* helping on translations
* reworking some wml macros
* reworking the aethetic of maps

so i'm particularly interested from people that might have such tasks

We have to register to be an organisation before friday, but we just
need to provide a list of task reflecting the sort of tasks we would
provide to students (we can add more at any point, including during
the code-in itself if we run out of tasks)

please try to give feedback soon so we can work it out rapidely


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