[Israel.pm] Perl 5.14: changing push and pop

Shmuel Fomberg owner at semuel.co.il
Tue Nov 30 02:49:30 PST 2010

Hi Gabor.

On 2010/11/30 13:07, Gabor Szabo wrote:

>> So, if any of you know who make such decisions, please forward him this
>> email.
> perl 5 isd being maintained and developed by the people who are
> registred to the "perl 5 porters" mailing list.
> So your best bet would be to subscribe to that list and raise the issue there.

I was once subscribed to this list. the discussions there are way above 
my head. and I am already subscribed to too many things.

> Some people there might respond to your suggestion but ultimately I
> think the only real way to move forward there something is to actually
> implement it and submit a patch.

Are you nuts?! I may be able to mass a bit with some contained parts of 
the perl source, but touching the parser? I wouldn't know where to begin.


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