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Subject: [pyweb-il:1469] The first Israeli RHoK hackathon!

On December 3-4 we will be hosting the first RHoK event in Israel!

What is RHoK?
RHoK (Random Hacks of Kindness) is a Hackathon event in which groups
will try to hack something up for the greater good.
More information and success stories from previous events can be found
here: http://www.rhok.org/

Who should come?
Or any other developer who wants to help.

Why should you come? There will be prizes :)

What / Where / When?
The first Israel RHoK event will take place on December 3-4 every day
starting at 9:00, with preliminary meeting on December 2nd, at 20:00.
It will be held on the 21st floor of the Levinstein Tower, Goldberg Lounge
23 Menahem Begin Road, Tel Aviv, Israel
Will try to come up with our own solutions to global problems (mostly
technological solutions for disaster relief).

Where do I register?
Registration and more details are here: http://rhok.me/rhok-2
Thank you.
Ariel (on behalf of Misha)

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