[Israel.pm] Business support institutions (was: Re: What hurts you most in Perl?)

Omer Zak w1 at zak.co.il
Wed Nov 24 02:44:47 PST 2010

Looks like the Community (Perl, Python, whatever) needs the following

1. Legal liability shield: a lawyer (or a partnership of lawyers) which
agrees, in exchange for a fee, to guarantee that the company won't be
exposed to legal liabilities as long as they comply with the lawyer's
instructions concerning the practical issues of complying with GPLv2 (or
in the case of Perl/CPAN - Artistic License).

2. Module guardians - each important CPAN module is "adopted" by one or
more businesses, which advertise their availability to maintain it and
fix bugs with guaranteed response time, in exchange for a fee payable by
those companies, for which correct functioning of the module is

--- Omer

On Wed, 2010-11-24 at 12:31 +0200, Ronen Angluster wrote:
> well, there 2 main issues:
> 1. legal
> big corporates have difficulty handling the open-source type of
> licenses. 
> and since any legal issue can end up costing millions in fees or court
> issued
> penalties. the company tend to frown upon using such tools.
> 2. stability
> some common CPAN modules are not very reliable.
> for example: threads. although it is great and i love using it, there
> is almost
> no support, and we encountered bugs that due to schedule issues forced
> us to 
> abandon threads all together and develop solutions using other
> mechanism (fork for example)
> as an open source developer, i use perl and CPAN modules as much as
> possible. i love it.
> it gives me great flexibility and saves me a lot of coding time.
> however, from the corporate
> point of view. this is horrible.

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