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Tue Nov 23 05:26:13 PST 2010

Hi everyone.

We're trying to kick-start the next TA.pm meeting, and we require some
feedback from you.

First of all, the date:
We were thinking about the last Wednesday in every month. Does this clash
for anyone? Is there anything we're missing or should take into account?

Secondly, the talks:
What kind of talks would you like to see?
We're thinking of mixing at least one beginner talk with at least one
advanced talk. The idea is to mix the crowds and help beginners mingle with
the experts and make the meetings interesting for everyone, just not one
group of people.

And thirdly, everything else:
- We would like to encourage companies to endorse these meetings and
encourage their employees to attend. Do you have any suggestions on how we
could accomplish it? Would you be willing to help?
- We would like to encourage companies who seek programmers to arrive at
meetings (or at least send representatives) to help attendees find jobs in
Perl at meetings (like a Job Market, only in person). Any suggestions?
- Would you be able to give a talk? You do not need to have the smartest,
most innovative talk. We'll be happy to have "beginners teaching beginners"
talks to help mold a stronger understanding of the language and larger
crowds coming in. Please, suggest talks!

The first planned meeting is for December 29th.
The place is Shenkar College in Ramat Gan (12th Ann Frank St.).
Gathering is at 6pm, talks start at 7pm.

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