[Israel.pm] convert old DOS Hebrew encoding

Tzadik Vanderhoof tzadik.vanderhoof at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 06:40:20 PST 2010

Just wanted to close the loop on this and let you know that I published a
CPAN module for this extended DOS encoding of Hebrew (including vowels and
dageshim).  Here it is:


The encoding table itself is at the end of the code in hex.  The first
character of each line is the 8-bit DOS Hebrew encoding.  The rest of the
characters are the unicode equivalent.


*e1 d1 bc* beis

means that the byte *e1* (hex) in the DOS encoding converts to the 2 bytes:
05*d1* 05*bc* in unicode (the leading unicode "05" for Hebrew is inferred)/
The last part is just a comment that this represents a beis with a dagesh
(oops sorry for the ashkenaz transliteration)

I am still looking for more information about the origin of this encoding
and what programs used it, so I can add that to the documentation.

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