[Israel.pm] EPIC debugger not stopping at breakpoint

Adam BE adamb_e at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 18 15:59:02 PDT 2010

> I don't know much about EPIC but if you gave some details about which

> version of Padre and
> what were you trying to do that it was not working I might be able to help.
> Or you could ask around on the #padre IRC channel on irc.perl.org
> regards
> Gabor

strawberry-plus-padre-0.56.msi on Windows XP/Vista.

1. Start Padre - the default shortcut runs: "C:\strawberry\perl\bin\wperl.exe" "C:\strawberry\perl\bin\padre" 
2. Create a new file and save it with the following code snippet:
use strict;
use warnings;

print "first line\n";
print "second line\n";

exit 0;

3. Try to set a breakpoint - you get an error "Debugger not running"   - Bug.

On side note there's another bug - the Menu Items are 1/2 in English and 1/2 in Hebrew.
I'd rather have them all in English by default, I believe even Junior programmers need to use an English menu - but that's for another topic :-)
The main thing that prevents me from using Padre is this bug.


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