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Dear Perl aficionados,

Why do we need mirrors at all??? Mirrors, even when automatically maintained
by an Akamai-like technology, require human efforts and non-trivial

Is the load on CPAN so heavy that it can't cope?

And besides, here comes a dilemma best told about Caliph Umar who ordered
that the Alexandria Library be destroyed shortly after the conquest of Egypt
in 639 AD. This library was the "Library-of-Congress" of the ancient times.
And that was millennia before Gutenberg and the printing press. So it
contained most, if not all of the western world wisdom.

According to legend, the caliph, when informed about the institution,
declared that if the books it contained agreed with the Koran, then they
were superfluous, and if they disagreed, then they were heretical. In either
event, they were worthless and should be obliterated.

(There are contradictory claims though, lookup

And here is my opinion: Even if the mirror is always up-to-date, it is
superfluous. And if it is not, it is a time-bomb. In either case, it should
not be there.

This is of course IMHO and for debate...


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Hi all.

Now that enough people joined hamakor-web, can we consider setting up an 
Israeli CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) mirror?

http://www.cpan.org/SITES.html does not mention an Israeli CPAN mirror 
anywhere and the old Israeli CPAN mirror at http://mirror.mirimar.net/cpan/
down and has been unmaintained.


	Shlomi Fish

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