[Israel.pm] YPAC first day

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Mon Aug 2 02:09:29 PDT 2010

Hi All.

I arrive to Pisa yesterday, and got to the hotel. was very tired.
Got a room with two beds for myself, thanks to mama Qualcomm.
(they also gave me a mobile phone on company account, and pocket money 
for food. it's very nice to travel on company's dime)

Instead of going to sleep, I installed on my laptop Perl 5.12, (I had 
5.10 on this machine) and Moose and Catalyst and half of CPAN.
Took hours.
I didn't manage to install Wx again. Ufff.
(The Padre web site talks about Perl 5.10... )

And then, instead of going to sleep again, I went with two YAPC people 
(one Balint Szliaszi, and the other I forgot) to tour Pisa. By foot.
It is quite a small crumbling and boring city, with one attraction - the 
leaning tower.

After that, I finally went to sleep.

Today I am in Dave Cross class, about modern Perl. We will see how it goes.

See you around,

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