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CCing to the list as I don't see anything particularly personal here.

On Wednesday 14 Apr 2010 21:33:09 Erez Schatz wrote:
> > Yes, but I haven't finished yet. The contemporary names for the Hebrew
> > months are Pagan,
> > As a result, we should use the old Biblican numerical names of the months
> > and call "Iyar" "The Eighth month" if we start from Tishrey or "The
> > Second Month" if we start from Nissan and say that "Zayin in Iyar" is
> > "Hayom hashvi3i bahodesh hasheni" or "Hayom hashvi3i bahodesh
> > hashmini.". ;-) (I'm using the evil transliteration to Latin out of
> > laziness but I'm consistently inconsistent.)
> Nothing "Biblical" here. The Nissan calendar is/was as "pagan" as the
> Tishrei calendar. Both are agricultural and cultural calendars that
> were used in the area and were adopted by the local culture. Later,
> these holidays were also assigned religious meanings, a common
> practice.

I guess. However, I was referring to their "modern" names like "Tamuz" etc., 
and recommended using the numerical names instead, which were less "Pagan". 

> > And we should also revert to the old Phoenician / Kna'anite alphabet
> > which was originally used for writing Hebrew instead of the contemporary
> > Hebrew alphabet that is derived from the Aramaic transformation of it...
> > (There are actually characters in it in Unicode).
> I'm losing your train of logic here. We should dump a foreign alphabet
> for another foreign alphabet?

Well, the Kna'anite alphabet predates the Bible and was the alphabet which the 
Israelites used originally, including for the Bible. At a point, the Hebrew 
Bible was switched from being written using the Kna'anite glyphs to a 
variation of the Aramaic glyphs. One should note that the ancient Israelites 
spoke and wrote essentially the same language as the Phoenicians and other 
people around Palestine, and, according to some archaeological beliefs, 
actually evolved from the southern Kna'anites (essentially the same as the 
Phoenicians) and not having originated from the Joshua conquest (which has no 
concrete inclusive archaeological evidence .

But we are getting way off-topic.


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