[Israel.pm] Meeting in Haifa - April 21

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 21:51:29 PDT 2010

Shmuel and @,

a bit late I know but maybe it is better to postpone the meeting by one week
to allow SawyerX to attend and so I can also try to go to their
meeting in Shenkar.

would it be possible?


On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 11:49 PM, Shmuel Fomberg <semuelf at 012.net.il> wrote:
> Hi All.
> I would like to announce about the next Perl.pm meeting in Haifa.
> The talk:
> Gabor Szabo - Using Perl on Android based phones
> Android is the Linux based mobile operating system developed by Google.
> There are many mobile phones and various other mobile devices running
> it. The main language that is used for writing applications for it is
> currently Java but Android also allows the use of various dynamic
> languages such as Perl.
> In this talk we'll see how Perl can be used to program Android based
> devices.
> (I hope that Gabor will show a working example. it would be awesome)
> After that, I will give a short talk about what is new in Perl 5.12.
> (well, someone have to summarize the long perldelta...)
> The meeting will take place in 18:30, April 21, in Qualcomm - Haifa,
> MATAM. (near MATAM's the south exit)
> If you intend to come but not registered on the Israel.pm mailing list,
> please drop me an email so you will be notified in case of changes.
> See you all.
> Shmuel.

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