[Israel.pm] Restarting monthly Perl Monger meetings in Tel Aviv area

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Mon Oct 26 08:17:46 PDT 2009

On Monday 26 Oct 2009 15:12:29 Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if there would be interest to restart monthly Perl Monger meetings
> in Tel Aviv or near-by. I know that Shlomi is organizing OSDC meetings in
>  TAU but they have all kinds of other contents, not only Perl and AFAIK
>  they also have
> issues with the place.
> What I'd like to (re)start is monthly or even bi-weekly meetings of
> 3-4 hours with
> 1 presentation and pair-programming. What do we need?
> Place+equipment
> ===========
> We will need a place that can let us use the room from 18:00-22:00 on one
>  of the evenings Sun-Wed. We will need a projector or at least a place to
>  project to (I can bring my projector) + Internet access for 10-20 people.
> For the pair-programming people will have to bring at least 1 notebook for
> every 2 person.
> Content:
> ======
> As we did earlier we can have a presentation but I'd like to also include
> pair-programming. To kick-start the meetings I'll be ready to give some of
> the first presentations but I'd like to see other people volunteering
> and giving
> ideas on what subjects they would like to hear about?
> Subjects:
> =======
> The list of things I can talk about
> 1) The source code of Padre, the Perl IDE, extending Padre
> 2) Parrot development - the assembly of Parrot
> 3) Taking a CPAN module and writing tests
> 4) Web development with Titanium
> 5) Intro to Perl 6
> Subjects I'd like to hear about:
> 1) Web development using Catalyst
> 2) Moose
> 3) Roles

I would like to hear about all of that too. However, I would also like to hear 
about stuff that are somewhat less hyped and discussed exhaustively in the 
Perl blogosphere recently:

1. More foreign languages - we still haven't done ANSI C yet (and now Andy 
Lester wrote this:


We also should cover Scheme and Lisp, try to cover Haskell more properly than 
my lame attempt, maybe also Prolog, J/APL ("makes obfuscated Perl look like 
Python"), Fortran (I think we should avoid COBOL, unless someone is 
masochistic enough to do that), Java and .NET, C++ perhaps, Qt,  
Matlab/octave/etc., Mathematica/etc. , JavaScript (possibly with jQuery and 
friends), OCaml/SML and so forth.

One advantage would be that one can assume a good knowledge of Perl.

2. I'd also like to hear and/or help prepare presentations about some 
comprehensive Perl-based technologies : PDL (the Perl Data Language), 
Perl/SDL, Perl/Gtk+, wxPerl, KiokuDB, DBIx-Class, Devel-NYTProf, etc.

3. It would also be interesting to hear people talk about their pet projects 
or CPAN modules. For example, I wrote several blog posts about File-Find-
Object, and I think they were well-received and posed a nice change from the 
usual topics that were discussed recently in the Perl blogosphere ad-nauseam.

4. "Social Perl" - how to treat newcomers, how to answer questions, how to 
treat trolls (I got some great advice for that based on what I read about it 
in the book "Feeling Good" based on 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_behavioral_therapy ), especially 
considering the various possible forms of on-line and off-line communications.

5. I'd also be interested in hearing about more general maths and CS topics 
and how they apply to Perl.

6. The Perl 5 core survival guide - perl5-porters , corehackers, etc.

7. Using Vim/Emacs/Padre/Eclipse/etc. effectively for editing Perl posts.


I hope no one here is planning to do something like PerlWeb-IL or Moose-IL or 
POE-IL or whatever (Hello PyWeb-ILer!), which will lower the amount of 
interest of many people who are not hard-core Perlers (and many people who 
are) in such meetings and will fragment and over-specialise the community. 

Naturally, local meetings such as Perl-Jerusalem, Perl-Haifa, Perl-Beer-Sheva, 
Perl-Rehovoth, etc. are OK, due to geographical constraints.

Maybe it would be a good idea for this mailing list to meet on the IRC one 
evening (when it would be properly scheduled, announced and publicised), and 
be able to brainstorm interactively about it. We already have a channel on 
irc.perl.org and can also meet on irc.freenode.net .

Regards and sorry for the longish brain-dump,

	Shlomi Fish

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