[Israel.pm] Restarting monthly Perl Monger meetings in Tel Aviv area

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 06:12:29 PDT 2009


I wonder if there would be interest to restart monthly Perl Monger meetings
in Tel Aviv or near-by. I know that Shlomi is organizing OSDC meetings in TAU
but they have all kinds of other contents, not only Perl and AFAIK
they also have
issues with the place.

What I'd like to (re)start is monthly or even bi-weekly meetings of
3-4 hours with
1 presentation and pair-programming. What do we need?

We will need a place that can let us use the room from 18:00-22:00 on one of
the evenings Sun-Wed. We will need a projector or at least a place to project
to (I can bring my projector) + Internet access for 10-20 people.

For the pair-programming people will have to bring at least 1 notebook for
every 2 person.

As we did earlier we can have a presentation but I'd like to also include
pair-programming. To kick-start the meetings I'll be ready to give some of
the first presentations but I'd like to see other people volunteering
and giving
ideas on what subjects they would like to hear about?

The list of things I can talk about
1) The source code of Padre, the Perl IDE, extending Padre
2) Parrot development - the assembly of Parrot
3) Taking a CPAN module and writing tests
4) Web development with Titanium
5) Intro to Perl 6

Subjects I'd like to hear about:
1) Web development using Catalyst
2) Moose
3) Roles

So, if you are interested in such meeting please reply to this message
and suggest your presentations or list subjects you would like to talk about?


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