[Israel.pm] New perl module

Alan Haggai Alavi alanhaggai at alanhaggai.org
Tue Oct 20 22:56:36 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 21 October 2009 11:18:58 Levenglick Dov-RM07994 wrote:
> Hi,
> It's been so long since I uploaded something to CPAN that I forgot how. I
>  have a new module. Can you point in towards the instructions please?
> Also, if you know how I can change my CPAN profile, please let me know.


Login at: http://pause.perl.org/. There, you can update your profile and 
upload your modules. To upload to CPAN: `make dist` inside the directory 
containing the Makefile of your module.  Upload the resulting archive using 
the 'Upload a file to CPAN' 
(https://pause.perl.org/pause/authenquery?ACTION=add_uri) link.

Hope it helps.

Alan Haggai Alavi.
The difference makes the difference.

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