[Israel.pm] What am I missing

Ephraim Dan E.Dan at F5.com
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You're missing string "eval" but there is probably a better way to go about it...

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I'm trying to write an OO module which has an attribute of file operators to test against.

    opendir (my $DIR, $path) or _carp("Can't opendir $path ($!)\n");
    my @contents = readdir ($DIR);
    closedir $DIR;
    my @dirs = grep {-d} File::Spec->no_upwards(@contents);    
    my @bad_files = grep {$self->{"_FILE_ATTR"}} @contents;
    my @good_files = grep {-T} @contents;
    print "Flags: $self->{_FILE_ATTR}\n\n";
    print "Bad: @bad_files\n\n";
    print "Good: @good_files\n"; 
This produces:
Flags: -T

Bad: . .. AutoTest CVS cw_stationery demos doc drivers include initialization lib Release Notes.txt SmartDSP OS_release_note.doc source tests tools training

Good: Release Notes.txt

Do you know why there is a difference between the two grep operation outputs?

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