[Israel.pm] Next Events: Telux on 31-May ; Haifux on 1-June ; Herzelinux on 4-June

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Mon May 25 02:41:41 PDT 2009


Here is a summary of the next FOSS events in Israel:

1. Haifux ( http://www.haifux.org/ ) has a presentation about OpenCL today 
(25-May) at 18:30. More information on the site.

2. TelFOSS will meet next Sunday (31-May) to hear a talk about the Open Source 
Fring Applications:


3. Herzelinux will meet on Thursday (4-June) (next week) to hear a talk about 
Profile Guided Optimisations in gcc by Shachar Shemesh. See:


4. Haifux will meet a week from now (1-June) on Monday to hear a talk about 
Compiling effectively for Cell with gcc.

There are more talks from Haifux on their site.

5. TelFOSS will also meet on Sunday (21-June) to hear a talk about 
"Programming Red Flats":



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