[Israel.pm] I wonder about these errors (perlapp)

sawyer x xsawyerx at gmail.com
Thu May 14 07:49:26 PDT 2009

> PerlApp 7.3.0 build 287519
> Copyright (C) 1998-2008 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved.
> Standard license for Moshe Sharon <moshes at centerity.com>
> Expect.pm:
>        error: Can't locate Expect.pm
>        refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign.pm line 412
> IO\Compress\Bzip2.pm:
>        error: Can't locate IO\Compress\Bzip2.pm
>        refby: C:\Perl\lib\Archive\Tar\Constant.pm line 74
> IO\Pty.pm:
>        error: Can't locate IO\Pty.pm
>        refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign.pm line 410
> IO\Uncompress\Bunzip2.pm:
>        error: Can't locate IO\Uncompress\Bunzip2.pm
>        refby: C:\Perl\lib\Archive\Tar\Constant.pm line 73
> Sort\Key.pm:
>        error: Can't locate Sort\Key.pm
>        refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign\Helpers.pm line 43

Sorry to point the obvious, but it seems like some modules you're
trying to use try to use others and can't find them.
Net::SFTP::Foreign (you're probably using Net::OpenSSH) tries to find
Expect, IO::Pty, Sort::Key
Archive::Tar::Constant (you're probably using Archive::Tar) tries to
find IO::Compress::Bzip2, IO::Compress::Bunzip2

Have you checked if these dependencies are installed?
If you've installed the modules through CPAN, it should ask for the
dependencies, but.. weird behavior.
Perhaps it installed it but perlapp has weird paths, perhaps you're
explicitly trying a different path, etc..

> Summary: 5 errors and 0 warnings
> Created 'plugin_manager_client.exe' [Test it]
> Executable size: 2.57 MB
> [DONE]

Does the compiled binary work correctly?

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