[Israel.pm] I wonder about these errors (perlapp)

Berler Chanan chananb at centerity.com
Thu May 14 08:30:59 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I am using perlapp (activestate) to compile my perl scripts (under win)
I wonder why I get all kinda error messages, while the script compiled, and
a new executable is created ?
How can be an executable working compiled exe, while I get these errors ?
See my errors: 

PerlApp 7.3.0 build 287519
Copyright (C) 1998-2008 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Standard license for Moshe Sharon <moshes at centerity.com>

	error: Can't locate Expect.pm
	refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign.pm line 412
	error: Can't locate IO\Compress\Bzip2.pm
	refby: C:\Perl\lib\Archive\Tar\Constant.pm line 74
	error: Can't locate IO\Pty.pm
	refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign.pm line 410
	error: Can't locate IO\Uncompress\Bunzip2.pm
	refby: C:\Perl\lib\Archive\Tar\Constant.pm line 73
	error: Can't locate Sort\Key.pm
	refby: C:\Perl\site\lib\Net\SFTP\Foreign\Helpers.pm line 43

Summary: 5 errors and 0 warnings

Created 'plugin_manager_client.exe' [Test it]
Executable size: 2.57 MB


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