[Israel.pm] Help Needed in Sorting and Updating the List of Perl Mailing Lists

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Thu May 14 00:10:01 PDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I am sorry I write only now but I was busy.

So I was the one who copied the data and I am sorry I did not ask you
Elaine first to access the database.

Guys please, let's not play the blaming game. That does not lead to any
good place.

If I can get access to the database I might be able to update the data a bit.

If I can get the data dump I am ok with hosting the site assuming both
you Elaine
and Ask and Robert and whoever else has a say in it agree.

AFAIK both lists.perl.org and lists.cpan.org show the same content but
they point to different IP addresses.


On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 2:45 AM, Elaine Ashton <eashton at mac.com> wrote:
> On May 11, 2009, at 6:51 PM, Bill Ward wrote:
>> I think the blame game is silly here - we should be looking for solutions
>> moving forward, not who's fault things are.  The best thing to do now, IMHO,
>> would be to either change the hosting or keep it where it is but grant
>> access to let others help maintain it.  Is that an option you'd consider?
> Oh, getting upbraided for having a baby and not having time to read email is
> amusement I could only get from perl. :)
> I laid out the options and yes, I've given accounts to people before and I
> can still if there are interested parties.
> e.

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