[Israel.pm] [TelFOSS] Announcement: "Fring Open Source Apps" on 31-May-2009

Oron Peled oron at actcom.co.il
Sun May 10 12:57:02 PDT 2009

On 10.05.2009 Shlomi wrote:
> The Tel Aviv Open Source Club will host a talk by Alex Nerst and Michal Geva 
> about "The Open-Source Fring Twitter and Last.fm Mobile Apps" - on Sunday, 
> 31-May-2009.

Thanks. While these services are not my cup of tea, whenever Twitter
is mentioned, please note there's an open-source alternative:

 http://identi.ca   (identica)

Which uses the FOSS software:

 http://laconi.ca/trac (laconica)

(e.g: any person/group may set up their own private group service
 using the same tools/technologies as the "big-boys" without being
 second-class citizens that get "permission" to use some API's at
 the choice of the current social networking hot-shot).

The lecture itself sound very interesting, have fun,

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