[Israel.pm] Hash cleanup

Berler Chanan chananb at centerity.com
Sun Mar 29 09:25:22 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I have a global hash variable which look more like this:

$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{CPU}{total_SLA_UP} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{CPU}{total_SLA_DOWN} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{CPU}{total_SLA_DOWNTIME} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{MEM}{total_SLA_UP} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{MEM}{total_SLA_DOWN} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{Monitor}{service}{MEM}{total_SLA_DOWNTIME} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{win9x}{service}{TEMP}{total_SLA_UP} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{ win9x}{service}{TEMP}{total_SLA_DOWN} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{ win9x}{service}{TEMP}{total_SLA_DOWNTIME} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{ win9x }{service}{DISKSPACE}{total_SLA_UP} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{ win9x }{service}{DISKSPACE}{total_SLA_DOWN} = 100;
$sla_output{host}{ win9x }{service}{DISKSPACE}{total_SLA_DOWNTIME} = 100;

(Please I beg you, don't ask why global – legacy issues)
(owh, and lazy me, not all services has 100%...but I am tired of changing the values…☺)

My question: 
Since I am looping each time with different hostgroups (each hostgroup has a list members of hosts – see nagios).
I need to do a mass clean up of this hash (I should have used mess, totally I will agree).
Q: how can I do that ? 
    Should I use undef(%sla_output) ??! I am not sure (would have guessed otherwise)
   Should I look the keys, and loop the keys of keys and do undef for each and one of the keys ? I am not sure either
   Which course should I use ? should I act otherwise if I got same structure but one of the keys of keys is a hash_ref to an array
  (although this is not the case, I do have same kind of structure with hash ref to an array, and I wonder if it leaves any memory leaks)


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