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Subject: [sf-perl] Slides for "Evolving Tests"
Date: Thursday 26 March 2009
From: Fred Moyer <fred at redhotpenguin.com>
To: San Francisco Perl Mongers User Group <sanfrancisco-pm at pm.org>

Big thanks to Jeff Thalhammer for the great talk on Wednesday evening.
 I've posted the slides:


Great to see a lot of enthusiasm at the meeting.  I think we are a
ways away from being able to take on a YAPC, but if we can keep the
momentum going, I think a workshop of some sort would be possible to
pull off.  Most of the Perl workshops are back east or in Europe, so
we could likely attract some attention with an SF Bay Area Perl

What would we need to make that happen?  Volunteers.  Regular meeting
attendees.  Running this group has taken more work than I anticipated.
 I never appreciated how much effort Quinn put into it until I took
the reins :)

Email me off list if you are interested in helping contribute to part
of the group operations.

Next meeting is April 28 (yeah I need to fix the meetup site, it shows
May right now).  Speaker will be David Lowe, an early SF.pm member.
Talk is "Half a dozen horrible uses for pack and unpack".  Hope to see
you there!

- Fred
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