[Israel.pm] Fwd: [Telux] Next Meeting: "High-Level Programming Concepts Using Perl 6" on 22-March

Evgeny evgeny.zislis at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 16:19:05 PDT 2009

Well, I don't really need a DSL. Was just trying to minimize the
syntax so it will be less prone to mistakes. And as i've said, it is
minimized enough already - much better than what I started with.

Don't think that I will want to make the code too complex, and using
filters in my book is too complex.

Perl 6 is also not an option right now, for the obvious reasons. If
there was a chance that Perl 6 could be used, then I could just as
well use Ruby instead - and cucumber for ruby already exists and is
being maintained by quite a large community.

The end result of this code is to enable several people in our QA
department to write better acceptance tests. Currently they have a
framework to test X11 GUI components, and the scenario files are
thousands of lines in perl code. A perl programmer might understand
the scenario - but hardly anyone else.

So I am trying to borrow the great ideas that are being accepted in
the ruby community as "really great" and bring those to make life
easier for acceptance testing framework writers in our company.

As you probably noticed, I am really not a perl programmer. I have
been programming in Ruby as a hobby for a couple of years now, and
this is one of the largest perl programs I have written in years.
Trying to make it look and behave like its ruby counterpart has been
somewhat difficult, and would be impossible without your help.

So even though I appreciate your advice to go and RTFM, writing perl
is not my primary occupation at the moment. And digging into topics
too advanced for me might be interesting, but might also take a lot of
time - and that is something that I dont really have at the moment.

Just want to say thank you again, for Mikhael, Shlomi and Gabor. This
small project looks WAY much better because of you.

- evgeny


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