[Israel.pm] What advantage would Perl give to a University student?

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
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On Thursday 12 March 2009 12:44:55 Gabor Szabo wrote:
> hi,
> recently there was short discussion on use.perl
> on "Bringing Perl to University".
> http://use.perl.org/~Eric+Wilhelm/journal/38612
> As response I asked there
> "What advantage would Perl give to a University student?"
> but have not received many responses.
> So I'd like to ask you guys. Do you see anything that knowing
> Perl could give to the regular CS or Engineering student?

I'd like to give my perspective as a former undergraduate student for 
Electrical Engineering in http://www.technion.ac.il/ . I've learned Perl to a 
large extent before I started my studies, but expanded my knowledge of Perl 
during and after my studies. 

Advantages that Perl gave me were:

1. A useful stepping stone for Scheme. I read the 
http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/ book and afterwards took the two SICP courses as 
part of my studies, and Perl (which is very similar to Scheme) was similar 
enough to make learning Scheme easier. I should note that studying SICP made 
me a better Perl programmer, because I learned better about subroutine-refs 
and closures.

2. A useful scripting tool. See 
http://www.perl.org.il/pipermail/perl/2003-October/003151.html for example. 

I used Perl scripts extensively for performing various tasks in my studies.

3. Usefulness in projects. In my first project ( http://ip-noise.berlios.de/ ) 
I used Perl to prototype our IP-level noise simulator using IP-Queue and a 
Perl module that supported it. We later re-implemented it in C, and even 
ported it to run inside the kernel, but the Perl code was a useful prototype. 
And the compiler from the user-friendly syntax for programming the simulator 
to its serialised binary format, is still written in Perl, which saved us a 
lot of time.

My second project:


was implemented entirely in Perl.

4. Perl otherwise proved good for enlightenment and perspective on various 


I should note that I still studied using mostly C and C++ in my degree.


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