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Wed Mar 18 03:15:45 PDT 2009

"The term WikiWiki ("wiki wiki" means "quick" in the Hawaiian language; "wee
kee wee kee") can be used to identify either a type of hypertext document
(that uses HTML tags) or the software used to write it. Often called "wiki"
for short, the collaborative software application enables web documents to
be authored collectively using a simple markup scheme and without the
content being reviewed prior to its acceptance. The resulting collaborative
hypertext document, also called either "wiki" or "WikiWikiWeb," is typically
produced by a community of users. Many wikis are immediately identifiable by
their use of CamelCase, produced by capitalizing words in a phrase and
removing the spaces between them; this turns the phrase into an automatic
link. The world's largest WikiWiki is Wikipedia whose goal is to produce a
complete encyclopedia from scratch."

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