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"To make a window with none of the normal window decoration (titlebars,
borders and so on), you can use the overrideredirect method with a true

Be careful though; you won't be able to move the window on the screen once
it is drawn. If you forgot to put an Exit button on it, you won't be able
to quit the application gracefully.
This is a way to make a splash screen (a screen that shows up as your
application is loading.
Calling overrideredirect with no arguments returns the current value (1 or
Calling overrideredirect again with a 0 value will not turn decorations
back on once the window has been displayed.

I hope this helps.

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On Sun, 16 Feb 2003 17:06:31 +0200
Yaron Golan <yarongo at> wrote:
> how do you "lock" a widget?

What you really look for is called "mouse grab" in X-Window-System.
There is a:
        "local grab" - meaning that no other window of the *same*
                       application may be selected
        "global grab" - meaning that other window of *any* application
                        may be selected

So in perl/Tk you use:

perldoc grab for more details.

> e.g. I have an error message for the user, and I do not wish him to
> move/minimize it and continue working.

Limiting just move/minimize/iconize etc, may be done by playing with
window-manager hints. I'm not sure though how you interface with it
directly from Tk.  I browsed in the doc and code for and
(two probable places) and haven't found the right method. Anybody else?

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