[Israel.pm] Monthly OSDC meetings in the morning hours?

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 04:57:03 PDT 2009


it seems the regular meetings of almost all the open source
language groups have faded away.
The Perl mongers in Jerusalem are still meeting quite regularly,
I see some activity on the Python list as well and Shlomi Fish
is organizing the mostly Perl related meetings in TAU.
The PHP and Ruby meetings are gone.

I was wondering what is the reason. I don't think the languages are
less popular.
I think the main reason is that most of us are busy working and there
are only a few who can go to meetings in the evenings. Even less
who would take the time to organize the meetings.

So I think we should try something else.

Up till now we all tried to be the enthusiasts who spent our free time to learn
new things which in the end benefited not only us but also the companies
we work for.

Let's turn it around a bit and make our meetings
*an important part of the on-job training companies provide to their employees.*

I am thinking about monthly meetings in the morning hours (~ 9:30-13:00)
with talks about open source technologies.

We can call it the Open Source Developers' Club as it is similar to the
Conference. It is shorter but more frequent.

Those who don't know we had an Open Source Developers' Conference in 2006
that lasted 3 days with 3 parallel track where more than 200 people showed up.
The content was Mostly Perl, Python with some Ruby, PHP and some other stuff.

If the meeting is between 9:30-13:00 we can have 2-4 reasonable sized lectures
and people could still go to work after that so they won't "lose" a workday.

In order to cover expenses (rental of place, refreshment, organization) we will
charge 100-200 NIS/person.

So what do you people think?
Given that the lectures will be about stuff we need (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby,
JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, Testing, etc...)
would you be able to convince your manager that it is important to shell out
the 200 NIS and let you (and some of your co-workers) go to these lectures?

Would you be interested in giving a lecture of 45-90 minutes?

Would you be able to help in the organization?

What lectures would you like to hear?


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