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See the forwarded message below for the question.

You can find my response here:



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Subject: [sf-perl] what do you do?
Date: Wednesday 18 February 2009
From: David Alban <extasia at extasia.org>
To: sfperl <sanfrancisco-pm at pm.org>

it's been a while since we had...  um...  an email thread.  so let me
ask you something in which i am genuinely interested.  kind of an
informal survey.  no purpose other than to satisfy idle curiosity.

two questions about your job:

1,  break down, by percentage of time, what you do.  if you think the
terminology you use isn't generally understood by this audience,
elaborate a little bit.
2,  break down, by percentage of code you write, the languages you use

i do:

* 50% command line tools development
* 30% release engineering
* 20% sysadmin

i use:

* 75% perl
* 25% bash

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