[Israel.pm] The Coro module

Shmuel Fomberg semuelf at 012.net.il
Mon Dec 21 10:42:23 PST 2009

Yuval Kogman wrote:
>> The simplest function does not work for me:
> That is probably a buffering issue, specific to the windows console or
> something.
> The above code works for me using line buffering on a unix tty.
> I would try seeing what the equivalent of stty is on windows and
> fiddling with that... Sorry I can't help more

It seen that something is defective in the event processing in my computer.
I also have problems installing Wx::Perl::ProcessStream that have 
failing test.
(trying to install Padre… :-0 )
And I remember that in the tests of AnyEvent it warns something about 
failing to track CHILD events.


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