[Israel.pm] I am looking for tech events in Israel

Mikhael Goikhman migo at homemail.com
Thu Dec 17 02:36:16 PST 2009

On 16 Dec 2009 14:03:28 +0200, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> I have started to organize a group of Perl users around the world to
> to help each other showing Perl and Perl based projects on events
> not specific to Perl.
> So I am looking for events where you think people who might be
> interested in Perl will show up. While it would be better to give a
> presentation or to have a booth but even if that is not possible we
> might be able to network with people during the breaks.

IBM Haifa Research Lab organizes several seminars, workshops and
conferences every year:


Each time they choose a new software topic. An attendance is free,
but needs a registration. The lectures are mostly academical.
I only attended such event once, here is my old short review:



perl -e 'print+chr(64+hex)for+split//,d9b815c07f9b8d1e'

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